Sunday, August 18, 2002

Oh Hi Ho, Part 2

Just so you know, we need more entrants in our "Pick the Quote" contest. Our current front runner is Officer Jim, dressed in blue, but he did pretty crappy in the competition so I'd like some more guesses. I now share with you the rest of the Ohio saga.

Monday: We get up and head on over to Cedar Point. While waiting to enter the park, we heard an elderly worker tell people to get in line behind "the man with the strap on head." No comment. After our first ride of the day, the Millenium, we see our first Whiskey Tango sighting of the day: a pregnant, cropped top wearing, tattooed belly sporting (the stretch marks ain't going to be purty), pink haired, Nikki McKibbin lookalike. We saw Ms. Pink several times throughout the day, and I fear for the child soon to be born out of her womb. Seductive ice cream tees were big on the menu in Ohio, though fortunately not sported by the rest stop DQ employee. Though we did not see "Delish," we saw, "Mmmmm. . ." and "Flavor of the Week." Also big in Ohio are Hollister tees. I will not explain them right now, but I have a feeling that the three of us may be sporting them in the coming weeks.

We rode a few roller coasters, and stopped in a Peanuts store and posed for pictures in the Pumpkin Patch, where Nancy had an "encounter" with Charlie Brown, and headed back to the Friday's at our hotel for lunch. Our waiter, "Kendall," did not look like a Ken Doll, but instead beared a striking resemblance to the guy that Erica's mom married on 90210. I wish I had a picture to illustrate, but apparently he's not that big of an actor these days. We then stopped back at our room, where an old woman we named "Snoop" peered out her hotel room door at us. We don't know if she was at the park to ride the rides, or merely enjoy the fine cable programming in the hotel room. We headed back to the park and rode the "Wicked Twister," by far the best roller coaster of the day. We were not affected by the "negative G forces," but perhaps Nancy's seat partner, who was clad in a "Dick U" t-shirt, could not deal with the forces, as we did not see him for the remainder of the day. We then got henna tattoos, which were created by a manly looking girl named Kim, whose father may or may not have been from Joliet, but anyway you slice it, she was a bad tattoo artist, as they faded very quickly. As our tattoos dried (Nancy and I got our on our belly buttons, so the fact that we had to walk around with our shirts folded half up drew some stares, including one from a chubby African American kid named Jeremiah), we stopped in at a Dive Show featuring many ugly men in Speedos.

Time for dinner. . .update to be finished later!

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