Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Eternal Flame

Currently on the radio: Eternal Flame. This song is awesome for several reasons: first, it was the term I used to refer to the hideous former layout of this site, click here for a look. Second, this song was quite popular on the playground circuit in fourth grade. I remember taking the old lavender jambox out to recess and singing along with my friends. This reminds me of third grade, when girls used to have screaming fights on the playground, in which two girls who had a grievance with each other of some kind would gather up troops, and the opposing forces would line up and scream at each other. Basically it was Red Rover without the physicality. There was really no method to the madness, but I recall that one time there was an attempted dance off until one of the teachers confiscated our "jambox."

So I was checking around on TV earlier today and happened upon Corey Haim: The E! True Hollywood Story. Watching this for a while impressed upon me that I had bad choices in celebrity crushes in my early years. Corey is now penniless, drug addled, and apparently attempted to SELL HIS HAIR AND TEETH ON E-BAY. Kirk Cameron is apparently a religious nut now, check this out for details, and Jordan Knight, if The Surreal Life is indeed an accurate portrayal, is somewhat puffy looking and his singing skills have been reduced to a screeching falsetto. I admit I enjoyed his "comeback" hit "Give It to You" a couple years back, but I'm worried about Jordan now, especially when he commented to Dave Coulier that he'd like to get in a hot tub with the Olsen twins. Dave looked very creeped out, and to creep out Dave Coulier has got to be a masterful feat. At least Chris O'Donnell is still somewhat acceptable, and Kelly's sister gambled with Jason Priestley in Monte Carlo and said he was a nice guy, so I guess not everyone is creepy now.

Weekend fun: Thursday night I went to Cemeno's for a bit. Nothing too exciting, but we got to see Cemeno's resident trivia game champ in action. One day I will duel the Ken Jennings of Joliet, and I will triumph. Friday evening had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (note: the Caribbean jerk wings may be labeled as medium, but this is a misnomer. I thought Courtney and I were going to die), then later on saw Team America with Melanie. Team America=AWESOME movie. Not as good as South Park, but still great. However, I don't know if the Joliet crowd was getting all the jokes, because I was surprised that people weren't laughing as hard as we were. Rating: three stars.

Saturday a bunch of us went to Great America for Aaron's birthday. It was the coldest day ever, and yet the park was still completely packed. After waiting almost an hour and a half before finally getting on V2, we decided to shell out 15 bucks for the "Speed Pass," which allows you to cut to the front of the ride on 4 rides. This was awesome, especially for Superman because the line was incredibly long. Superman is the newest ride there, and I really liked it, although my hat was sliding down my face during the ride so I couldn't see much, preventing me from enjoying what was the highlight of the ride for everyone else: watching someone's gum fall out of their mouth. Unfortunately everyone was pretty bundled up at the park, so I was prevented from enjoying much of the people watching that Great America is famous for. You really can't accurately rate someone's Whiskey Tangoness when they're bundled up in a down coat. The park featured a lot of people dressed up in costume for Halloween, including some very scary clowns. Clowns are bad. We headed back to the hotel in the evening and enjoyed some quality television that included a rerun of Desperate Housewives (along with Lost, one of my new favorite tv shows) and the end of a Growing Pains reunion movie. Sunday we went to Gurnee Mills, which has improved greatly in the six years since I was there last, but I didn't really find anything I wanted to buy. Good times all around.

I think that's about all I have storywise today, kind of a slow week for Whiskey Tango-ness. More news soon!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Fun With Politics

I had to go watch the presidential debates at the Herald News last week, and on Sunday the paper published columns from the Common Sense writers regarding the debates. Here's a link; mine is a little way down the page and titled "Kerry's Strengths Showcased." As usual, I did not write the headline, but this one makes sense. Hurray!

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