Friday, April 01, 2005

Nothin' But a Good Time

I was watching VH1 Classic last night with Shannon and Joe, and among the many videos we saw were the Poison classic listed above. Like most 80's metal videos, there was just way too much crotch. We also saw some Lionel Richie, Robert Palmer, Billy Joel, and surprisingly, the Who. The Who was surprising because I had always thought that the song "You Better You Bet" was by Meat Loaf. I heard the song come on, looked up at the TV screen, and said, "Who's that slim man?" as I was expecting to see Meat Loaf lolling about as usual, and instead, it was Roger Daltrey. "Who" knew?

In other music news, Q101 is apparently changing from today's alternative to, "everything alternative, now on shuffle." Sounds like someone's getting worried about competition from 99.9. . .however, I welcome this change because I love old Q101 and the stuff they play on the 90's Nooner.

So I was at the mall last week, wandering towards Express, and I noticed that the store next to Express was boarded up. What store, pray tell? Spencer's. Yes, our one stop shopping spot for Dirty Dice, cards with naked fat people, and piercings was boarded up. I was shocked to see that the store that represented the worst of Joliet was no longer, but rest assured, when I returned to the mall yesterday, there was a sign up stating that Spencer's was getting redone and would be reopening soon. Thank God. Though a Gap, Banana, or Abercrombie will never enter our mall's doors, we still have a convenient spot to buy penis pasta.

Social news. . .I'm starting to think that Samy's is the bar equivalent of Spencer's after our trip last Thursday. I hadn't been to Samy's on a Thursday in quite a while, and though it was crowded as usual, it was disturbing. Apparently Samy's has resurrected their "Samy's Girl" contest where you can dance on the bar and win a t-shirt. In the past Megan and I had entered said contest a couple times (the t-shirts were cute) but we just weren't up to the girl on girl dancing antics that the girls who usually won the contest participated in. Anyway, I did not participate in the contest, and thank God. Apparently people really, really want Samy's t-shirts (which are no longer cute), as girls were flashing their boobs while dancing on the bar. Last I checked, this wasn't the Silver Slipper. The girl who won, of course was among the flashers, and I can't decide what's worse: the girl who flashed her boobs in a Joliet bar for a t-shirt, or the girl who flashed her boobs in a Joliet bar and didn't win a t-shirt. I think they both kind of suck. Other than that Samy's was fun, except they need to stop with the fog machine already and turn down the bass. Man, I sound like a grumpy senior citizen in this entry! In other adventures, Wendy and I attempted to drive by Pom Poms to see why it's always so packed and got trapped in the parking lot. We drove over the grass into the next parking lot and got yelled at by a very grumpy man. Perhaps we shall try again another day. If anyone has been to Pom Poms, let me know!
Saturday evening we went to Sapphire. The bass was lower, there was no fog, and I didn't see any boobs, so already the night improved upon our Samy's evening. I tend to enjoy people watching at Sapphire, especially when the bartenders start attempting Cocktailesque tricks. On Saturday there was a brief incident where one of the bartenders' shirts caught on fire, but it was quickly extinguished. Sapphire was crowded, as it usually is on Saturdays, and I wish they'd find a way to get more people there on other nights of the week, as I worry about a place that only has one good night. Anyway, adventures included a lot of dancing, featuring a lot of frightening dancing by a fellow alumni who kept dancing at us and informed both Melanie and I that if we danced with him, we would "clear out the dance floor."

Let's see, what else is new. . .I am excited to hear that the Shorewood Coldstone is open, I need my cake batter ice cream in as close a vicinity as possible. I hear we're getting a Pepe's in Shorewood as well. Now we need a Chipotle, it's been too long. This season's Bachelor looks like it's going to be hilarious, one girl already called another girl a slut at the rose ceremony (in front of God, Chris Harrison, and everyone!) so this show has promise.

In Herald News news, I think somebody made an Open Line comment about my column, but it could also be directed toward all the Open Line people complaining about the Rush Street deal a couple weeks ago. Anyway, here's the comment:

Party on, Joliet
I don't understand all of the comments criticizing Joliet for wanting to make the downtown area like Rush Street. It's a great idea. Yeah. We could use a little night life around here. And people can drink responsibly or go to jail. I am all for the idea. Party on.

Dude, no one said we couldn't have nightlife. The bars are all there already, I just don't think we need to have them open until 5 AM. I also like the "drink responsibly or go to jail" deal. If it were only that cut and dried... In police blotter news, someone got arrested for nitrous oxide possession, which reminds me of an episode of Saved by the Bell: The College Years, where some "cool guys" used Screech for his key to the science lab so that they could get some nitrous for a party. I wonder if that's where they got the idea. . .For yet another reason to avoid Samy's, an intoxicated man who couldn't get in brandished a knife at the bouncer. . .That's about all I have for now. Have a wonderful weekend and more news later!

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