Thursday, April 14, 2005

Time for the Burger King to Be Dethroned

So I went to Burger King today, in search of some Frozen Coke goodness. As I am not a fan of El Rey de la Hamburguesa, this was my first trip there in quite some time. Things did not start out auspiciously when the BK hamburgerista (yes, I just made up that word because I love the word "barista" ever so much) informed the carnivore in front of me that they were "out of Whoppers." This puzzled me, because wouldn't that mean they were out of meat in general? They weren't implying that Whoppers are. . .pre-made, were they?! Anyway, I ordered my Frozen Coke. Actually, I tried to get hip to the slang and asked for a "Coke Icee," since it looked like they're using an Icee machine these days. Apparently Madam Hamburgerista was not hip to the slang, and asked if I meant a Frozen Coke. I did, and she took my money. A few minutes later she mumbled something about the machine "not being ready yet," so I thought that meant that I should wait. I waited, and she came back and handed me my money. Confused, I asked her what was up, and she said the machine was broken. I then asked her for a regular Coke. Her response: "We're out of Coke." Oh Burger King, why do you forsake me? I headed to Long John Silver (for I believe the first time in my life, I fear that place since my brother ended up in the hospital after a visit there) and purchased a regular Coke there.

In social news, we did a little barhopping for Wendy's birthday last weekend. We stopped at Sapphire for a while but they were slow on Fridays as usual. Never fear though, apparently the "definition of nightclub" will be continuing to change as they're starting a new promotion called the "5:01 Club." When I clicked on the "5:01 Club" link on the Sapphire website, it just led me back to the regular page, but my hairdresser informed me that this promotion was mentioned on WJOL, apparently you can win parties at Sapphire on Friday nights that last from 5:01 to 7pm, or something like that. I checked the WJOL website, and none of their links worked. I'll keep looking. After Sapphire, we went to McBrody's for a while, where we encountered an amusing "4 on 4." FYI: "4 on 4" is a situation in which a group of guys of a specified number see a group of girls of the same specified number and see it as convenient situation for conversation. "3 on 3's" and "2 on 2's" are also common, but you don't see too many "7 on 7's." This group of guys were also what I would define as a "Backstreet Boys" situation. Alone, none of the guys were that attractive, but combined, they seemed attractive. Anyway, any potential attractiveness was quickly extinguished when one of the guys came up to our table and asked, "Hey girls, do you like to laugh?" I considered saying, "No, I hate it," but kept mum. Laughing Larry (not to be confused with Legal Larry) continued, "Do you like karaoke?" I responded, "I like to laugh at people who do karaoke." He then invited us to follow them to Grapevine. Alas, the power of the Backstreet Boys was not enough and we continued to other venues.

Saturday Shannon and I headed up to Naperville in the late afternoon to get some ice cream, walk around, and meet Joe for dinner. As the weather was awesome, the people watching was also great. We saw a pair of adorable red haired boys playing unsupervised on the riverwalk, then saw a couple we presumed to be their parents straggling behind, asking "Are those our kids?" Four letters: D. C. F. S. A little later we saw a couple walking a small creature on a leash. We got a little closer, and it was a ferret (named Clyde). We went to talk to Clyde's owners, and Clyde licked my toe. Repeatedly. I remained calm, said goodbye, and walked away, saying to Shannon, "That ferret licked my toe."

After dinner we met a bunch of others at North Beach in Downers Grove for a friend of a friend of a friend's party. Amusingly, I had heard about the party from Aaron and invited Shannon to it, yet it ended up that Shannon actually knew the guy that was having the party. Anyway it was a good time, mostly because we encountered the greatest dancing man ever. GDME, also known as "Canadian Tuxedo" (for his all denim ensemble) and "Big Red" (for the red shirt he had on after he took off his denim shirt or jacket), had it all. He Charlestoned. He break-danced. He grinded. He swing-danced. I gave him much kudos. If I had had any Kudos bars, I would have given him one. Actually, he inspired me to consider a plan where I keep Kudos bars on hand at all times in case a situation would arise where someone deserved kudos. Anyway, we had good times.

Other than that, not too much new except that I heard the one and only "Coo Coo Chee" song from last summer on the radio on Sunday. I was extremely excited, because after hearing it a couple times on B96 last summer, it went MIA. My favorite "Coo Coo Chee" moment was the time someone called into B96 (or maybe KISS FM) and said, "I'm stuck in traffic, and I just want to hear 'Coo Coo Chee'!" This song is a classic, check out the lyrics. Actually, don't check out the lyrics if you're faint of heart, I've only heard the edited version and the real version is kind of nasty. That's all I have for now. Adios!

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