Thursday, March 04, 2004

Open Arms

The title doesn't have anything to do with anything, I was trying to think of a Journey song I hadn't used as a title yet. However, I do have a Journey related tidbit. The O.C., which is currently my favorite non-reality show that I watch, couldn't make me love it more if it tried. So yesterday on the show, Seth (Geeky Hot Guy) and Ryan (Brooding Hot Guy) are driving to the airport to try to catch Anna (Retro 80's Girl) before she leaves for Pittsburgh. The music used for this action packed scene? "Separate Ways" by Journey. And it gets even better. Seth comments to Ryan on his unorthodox choice of music. Ryan's reply: "Do NOT insult Journey."

So we'll start as usual with Herald News. Again, not too much lately. There was an odd case in which police raided the house of a teenager reported to be selling marijuana. Now the kid's mother is accusing the officers of playing around with her sex toys. A quote from the lawsuit: "the raiding party took (her) personal and private sex toys and used them for their own amusement and left them strewn about the residence." Eeew eew eew. I don't know what "their own amusement" means, and I'm a little disturbed. If this is true, I hope they were wearing rubber gloves. In happier news, I found out that my personal favorite candidate on the Apprentice, Hot Bill, is from these parts and has been hosting Apprentice parties at a restaurant in Downers Grove. I may have to check this out sometime. And in today's blotter, Miss Cleo isn't looking so good:

Woman meets psychic enemy

JOLIET ? A deaf and mute woman who was allegedly menaced and threatened by a psychic astrologer passed a supermarket employee a note reading, "I'm going to die if I don't give more money," police said.

The woman handed the note to the employee of the N. Larkin Avenue supermarket Tuesday afternoon.

Police were contacted and an officer responded to the scene. The woman then reportedly communicated to him through a third party who understands sign language that a psychic astrologer has been demanding money from her and has so far relieved her of $600 since Feb. 28.

The woman reportedly told police that the psychic predicted that if she did not fork over another $42,000, she and her children would be killed, police said.

This is just sad, sad, sad. However, "psychic enemy" is just genius.

In other news. . .Wendy, Megan and I headed out to Samy's on Thursday. We got there early for a change and beat the lines. The night was off to an amusing start after Wendy and I bought a couple beers. As we gathered up our change and prepared to head further into the bar, the bartender said helpfully, "Don't forget your beers!" I know Wendy and I were both relieved that we got that piece of advice, otherwise we would have been sure to have neglected our beers and run off. It was quite crowded at Samy's but again, no JLH. Other adventures included being called a "pimp daddy," a drunk guy repeatedly asking us if we liked a certain unorthodox form of intercourse (apparently I'm somewhat naive, I kept thinking he was asking if we liked "Anna," and I said I didn't know her), and an encounter with the manliest voice on a female known to man. Our previous winner of the Man-Voice competition of years past has obviously relinquished her crown to a new recruit.

Didn't do anything on Friday besides watch the Celebrity Spelling Bee Finals (who knew Brett Butler could spell?), Saturday during the day I went up to Naperville with my mom to do some shopping and enjoy the nice weather. I had my beloved Coldstone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream and went to a store where they sell the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story, awesome. During the evening, after a magazine reading session at B&N, I went with Courtney, Rob, and Mike to Samy's yet again. It was not too crowded on Saturday, but it was still entertaining. Mike's beloved "F**k on Cocaine" song was played (it actually isn't a bad song, except for the horrible "F**k on Cocaine" part), and there was a girl on the bar that danced like Teen Wolf, which was pretty awesome. I don't know if her name was Boof though.

In Joliet commerce news, the new Target opened in Shorewood. They have a Starbucks and a Pizza Hut. My mom, a noted Starbucks expert, says that the quality of a Starbucks can be rated only on the skill of the people making the drinks, so I'll try to get a review from her if she checks out their caramel macchiatos any time soon. I headed out to the mall with Courtney last night. We had one of those mall trips that involves aimless roaming of random stores, and happened to check out Spencer's, where they now sell a shirt that says, "Ride me hard and put me away wet." I'm thinking we're at the point where there just needs to be a shirt that doesn't mince words and just says, "Ho." A stop at Wilson's the Leather Experts revealed that the 80's comeback has invaded the world of leather: I saw a shiny silver leather collarless jacket and miniskirt combo, also available in pink, black, and other colors. I was really hoping they'd have the outfit from "Can't Buy Me Love," the lovely suede jacket, bra, and skirt combo, but no such luck yet. Other sights included a mall security guard stop a grown man from riding in one of those little motorized firetruck rides, and a store that I hadn't noticed before that sells plaster animals and other delights that you can paint. I personally wanted to paint the life-sized Doberman.

And our last story. . .I was watching Fox News the other night and they had a story about Chicago's own Paris Hilton, some girl from a real estate family and her friend who spend lots of money and party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiime (Eddie Murphy sings!). The story was not too exciting until they spoke to the girls about dating. The Nicole Richie of the story said, and I quote, "the 815's, forget it, we don't talk to them." Area code prejudice, who knew? Adios!

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