Friday, May 28, 2004

On the Radio

Hello hello! I am unusually tired today, but I still have lots of stories. First, I want to talk about some interesting things I've heard on the radio lately. My good pal Melanie, always a fan of Latin music, has in the past enjoyed tuning in to 99.9. However, she informed me yesterday that the station has just switched formats. Apparently, every morning at 8 AM the DJ's spin a wheel and pick what theme the station is going to be that day. Melanie has heard an all Beatles day (score!!), a jazz day, and a rap day, and when I tuned in today it was all Elvis. This is a pretty interesting idea and I'm sure I'll check it out day to day to see what's going on. I'm hoping for an all 80's hairband day.

I've been a fan of oldies music as long as I remember, especially because my dad would make us listen to oldies stations constantly when we were on vacation, so I have both 104.3 and The Pickle in my presets. Yesterday I was checking around and heard the oldie classic that makes me laugh harder than any other, "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Why do I enjoy this song? It's frickin' hilarious! Who writes a dramatic ode to jailbait? This song is just the epitome of bad taste, especially with lines like, "You led me to believe you were old enough to give me love," and "Better run, girl! You're much too young, girl!" Who wrote this, R. Kelly? Another reason I'm amused by this song is that in the episode of Full House (almost equal to Saved By the Bell in "Emily's Bad Sitcom Favorites") where Danny dates Michelle's preschool teacher, after they break up, Bob Saget sings a stirring rendition of this favorite while accompanying himself on guitar. Who said John Stamos had all the musical talent? Maybe it should have been Danny and the Rippers. . .
In a final radio note, I've been hearing this song on B96 lately that sounds like the Teletubbies meet Sean Paul. The song is entitled "Coo-Coo Chee", is by artist Ric-A-Che (click on "Music" to hear the song) and just can't be explained, but must be listened to at least once. I think it might be what hell sounds like.

Recent social news. . . I was in St. Louis last weekend for my cousin Jamie's wedding, which was a great time. This wedding was the first time I'd ever seen wedding crashers. I was out on the dance floor when we saw a couple people dancing that were dressed very casually, and who we hadn't noticed earlier in the evening. Sarah, the bride, went up to them and introduced herself, asking who they knew at the wedding, and they said they knew the groom (a likely story). . .and the DJ. Seeing as the groom didn't know the DJ before the day of the wedding, this was doubtful. A little later, my brother saw the crashers being escorted out.

Went to Heroes for a little bit last night with Melanie and Ryan. It was packed, and we had fun, but there really wasn't anything too exciting of note, except that there was a lot of interesting "Blast from the Past" music, including "Mr. Vain." I felt like I was at a JCA mixer (oh wait, didn't they call them "blenders"?) in the cafeteria or something. No real stories though.

I am so, so happy that Portillo's is open. We got carry outs last night and I think that it's going to be a regular staple of my diet. New Target + Portillo's=Emily's newest favorite shopping complex. If we can just get a Coldstone Creamery, I will be the happiest of campers.

In TV news. . .I got home Monday night in time to catch the end of The Swan, and was lucky enough to see a commercial for I thought this was a joke, but apparently it's a real company that offers financing for your preferred plastic surgery procedures. I guess this is for the "subtle" plastic surgery enthusiasts who prefer not to be on The Swan.

And in Herald News news, there was an entertaining police blotter entry the other day that led to an amusing Open Line Comment:

Cops: Woman runs, but law stays firm
JOLIET — A smooth criminal boosted nearly $1,000 worth of laxatives from Jewel-Osco but got caught before she could slip outside, police said.
The woman — 51-year-old Liller Loggins of 1809 E. 78th in Chicago — was booked into the county jail on a charge of retail theft following the 3 p.m. Monday incident at the 1401 W. Jefferson St. Jewel-Osco.
Loggins stuffed 49 boxes of laxatives, both regular and extra-strength, into a duffel bag and tried to slide out of the store, but was caught, police said.

You gotta love the use of "slip" and "slide," and speaking of which, do people still buy Slip-N-Slides? Those were the best back in the day, especially Slip-N-Splash, which had a little pool on the end. Anyway, here's the Open Line response to the "looting of the laxatives":

On the go
The article about the lady that stole the 49 boxes of laxatives from the Jewel Osco Store, she must be a woman on the go. Joliet

I personally wonder if the lady "gave a crap" about being arrested.

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