Friday, February 25, 2005

Here, There, and Everywhere

The above song is NOT currently on the radio (some crappy Tori Amos song is, I hate complaint rock), but it describes this post to a tee. Yes, I need to update more. Thus, this is going to be a scattershot entry of random recent social outings, blotters, etc. I don't know how much I can recall, but I will do my best.

First, there have been a couple recent trips to new haunts in the Joliet area. I've visited Moe Joe's in downtown Plainfield a couple times, it's a cute Cajun place and the downstairs bar looks kind of like someone's refurbished basement from the '80's, but in a good way. We were there for Fat Tuesday and it was a great time. Less successful (but perhaps more amusing in a disturbing way)was a trip to a new joint in our very own J-town. A couple Fridays ago, Megan and I met Joe and Shannon at Cemeno's. We heard word of a new bar that had opened near Jamison's, and confused by the concept, Megan and I felt the need to check it out. After driving past Jamison's, Megan commented that the parking lot of the new shopping center next door looked oddly crowded. We drove over there, and found, in the corner of the shopping center, a storefront with a sign in the window (that looked somewhat temporary) that said "Ambrosia Club." We walked in to a dark, pie shaped room that resembled someone's basement (an unfinished basement, unlike Moe Joe's). R&B music ("I Don't Wanna Know" by Mario, as I recall) was playing, some random chairs and tables were near the wall, and a rather large fish tank was in the corner, but was lacking in any sea creatures. It was a very surreal experience, considering that we hadn't known that this bar existed before that night. Anyway, the bar seemed a bit random for our liking so we got out and headed over to Double J to see Shannon and Joe. I don't know if I will head to the Ambrosia Club again, but I'd like to know where it came from, and when they're going to get some fish.

What else has been interesting? Movie wise I think the only thing I've seen lately is Sideways a couple years ago (the lone Best Oscar nominee that I've seen; I'd like to see Aviator and Finding Neverland and Ray, but after the Tribune ruined the ending of Billion Dollar Baby for me I don't really need to see it). Sideways was good, but not great. I liked it a lot, but it wasn't amazing, and I found the main character kind of annoying. However, Thomas Haden Church, aka Lowell from Wings, was great. Three stars. TV wise, I've been watching my usual crap, and I have to say that last night's OC was amazing if not simply for the music alone. Blind Melon, Boys II Men, and an Oasis cover. I felt like I was transported back to my adolescence. Music: I love the Green Day cd, I had to do a paper on the Lindsay Lohan CD (sadly, not good. I was holding out hope for our gal Lindsay), and for some reason I keep hearing the Toto song "Rosanna" on the radio, which is awesome.

Other social outing stories: recent trips to McBrody's have been entertaining, I'm growing to really like that place. I just wish we could dance there. McBrody's + a dance floor=Tuckaway, which I still miss. We went to Samy's after McBrody's last Saturday, and we had fun, but Samy's is still somewhat sketch these days. However there were a lot of "skilled" dancers to watch, which is always fun. Shannon, Joe, and I also took a trip to Tom's Bar in Lemont last weekend. I'd never experienced the nightlife in Lemont before, and it was a good time. I always enjoy a good dive bar, and the jukebox at Tom's was great, even though a fellow bar patron and acquaintance of Shannon and Joe complained after we played some Journey that the music we had picked was "butt rock." There were also some hostile patrons (a mulleted man and a female companion) that seemed to doubt that Shannon and I were old enough to be there. Luckily, there was no throwdown. Helpful hint: never drink the hot apple cider at Tom's. I was hoping for some apple cider with perhaps a splash of cinnamon schnapps or something else that was light on the liquor, and ended up with a mug of hot whiskey.

And in Herald News news, let's see. Apparently we recently had a local hot dog eating contest, but that Kobayashi guy did not compete. I would not have done well, as I do not like Babe's. If it was Hey's or Joe's, maybe I could have hang. Among the people arrested in Joliet drug crackdown "Operation Super Bowl Shuffle was a woman named, I kid you not, Kiki Makescoldweather. As far the Blotter, let's see:

Men robbed of Magic cards worth $3,400

JOLIET — Three young men told police someone stole their valuable collection of fantasy playing cards Wednesday night.
The cards reportedly were kept in a John Street apartment. The 800-card collection of Magic: The Gathering cards are worth $3,400, police said.
One of the three men resides in the John Street apartment.

Watch out guys, next time they'll go for the Dungeons AND the Dragons.

Harassing phone calls
JOLIET — A local woman told police someone has continually called her to belch and loudly breathe at her.
The 30-year-old woman says the calls started after Valentine's Day and she received about seven of them in the ensuing three days, according to a police report.
The caller never speaks but sometimes "burps," breathes heavily or stays on the line in silence.

Apparently "burping" is a relative term now. Stop with the quotes already!

Man accused of throwing mustard bottle
JOLIET — A man hurled a bottle of mustard at another man in a Woodruff Road deli Sunday.Tristan Hunter, 17, of 1211 California Ave. in Joliet was arrested on a charge of battery in connection with the 4:15 p.m. incident at Mike's Food & Deli.
Hunter allegedly threw a bottle of mustard at a 24-year-old man in the 1001 Woodruff Road deli. The bottle struck the man in the head, police said. The man reportedly suffered head pain.
Hunter was released on his own recognizance.

Head pain from being struck in the head, who knew?

I believe that's all I have for now. Adios!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This I Promise You

No, that song's not on the radio, in fact I haven't heard the "Richard Marx writes an N Sync song" favorite in quite some time, but I just want to let you know that I AM planning to update this week. Come hell or high water, there will be an update Thursday or Friday. I have much to talk about, providing I can remember it all, including some reviews of some new "hot spots" in the area. For the time being, I have a column up this week; read and enjoy!

An addendum: I've also started a American Idol review blog at, just some quick reviews of each week's performances. Also, one day soon, Shannon and I will finally start our blog of our Ireland trip. Yes, it was two years ago, but the stories are timeless. Adios!

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