Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Summer Teeth

Summer has officially begun, even though the weather's a bit schizo, and I was reminded of one of my all time favorite expressions: summer teeth. Among other definitions, Urbandictionary.com defines summer teeth as "Used to describe sombody who is missing some of their teeth, because Summer there and Summer not!" It's a fun expression to use when you're a little sick of saying "busted grill."

Some Herald News readers may have noticed an interesting article in Sunday's paper. I am now a part of the Herald News' team of "Common Sense" columnists and will be contributing to the paper monthly. If you read my bio in the article, I'll have you know that I did not contribute the wayward letter "a" that appears before my quote. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this, I'm glad my picture isn't scary, and I'll put up a link to my first column when it's published.

In "Spin the Wheel 99.9" radio news, Saturday's theme appeared to be songs of the 60's, as we heard some Monkees and Frankie Valli "rock blocks." Sadly, no Gary Puckett. Didn't listen to the station Sunday or Monday, but Tuesday's theme was 80's. I heard both Debbie Gibson AND Tiffany, along with Stacy Q, who was on an episode of Full House where DJ skipped school to get Stacy Q's autograph. See, everything relates to Full House. Give me a topic, and I'll make a connection. Today's theme seems to be blues, so I've been pursuing other venues.

Weekend news. . . on Friday night, after watching a TIVO'd episode of Elimidate that could not top the episode where a woman actually pulls a falsie out of her shirt and bitch slaps a woman with it, I headed over to Melanie's, where she was having a end of the year West teachers party (I was a special guest star, not unlike the Beach Boys on a very special episode of Full House. Like I said, everything relates to Full House). It was an excellent time, though we had to pull out a tape measure after a debate over my height:

Thanks to Lyndon for the picture.
Saturday during the day I went to the mall for a little while (shocker!). I spotted two funny things at the mall. As I drove past Sears, I noticed a ferris wheel over the horizon. Could it be? Was there a carnival by the mall? As I pulled up to Field's, I could see that a couple lots over, a full on carnival was taking place. First carnival of the season, woohoo! Though I debated stopping by after shopping and taking a spin on the Tilt O Whirl, I didn't think it was a good idea to go it alone and possibly face the wrath of carnies. Speaking of carnies, Wilson Phillips is back! I don't believe I'll be purchasing that album, though I was always amused by the video where they were on the mountain (Hold On?) and how it seemed like the camera was always further away when they showed Carnie Wilson. Anyway, back to the mall. You may recall late last year that I mentioned how the mall would soon be employing valets to help people with their parking. This dream has now become a reality, and there is now a valet stand on weekends by Panera. I can't imagine that they're too busy, but who knows.

Saturday evening was a bit of a comedy of errors. After watching a whole lot of Degrassi: The Next Generation (you gotta love teen Canadian melodrama), I went to meet Nancy and Aaron at Heroes to see Maggie Speaks. Surprisingly, Heroes was not very crowded and we began exchanging "should we go somewhere else?" glances even before handing over our ID's. Aaron quickly realized he didn't have his ID, and we decided to head to Samy's after he found it. Previously, on our way into Heroes, we encountered a down on his luck skateboarder who asked us for help as he had apparently been attempting to get a cab for 2 hours. We were unsure as to how we could help, considering that he could just go use a pay phone at Heroes or somewhere else, and did not help the lad. He was a skater boy, and we said see ya later boy.

Unfortunately Aaron's ID was MIA, and the bouncers at Samy's could not help our cause, so we decided to rent a movie. After being disturbed by a video cover in which Hello Kitty had a mouth,

we decided to pick up Scary Movie 3. I really enjoyed this movie, the main little kid in it, Drew Mikuska is apparently from the area and does an awesome job. Much better than Scary Movie 2, I'd give it 3 stars.

Sunday I had a wild goose chase around Joliet trying to pick up a copy of an older version of Dance Dance Revolution and finally found it at Toys R Us, then went over to Courtney's house with some peeps for some karaoke, another fun evening. Monday I headed downtown with my mom to go shopping with my sister, finding a very amusing French Connection shirt (no, not the one of the ones that say "Lucky Fcuk" or some other double entendre, I always worry that if I buy one of those that I'll run into a large group of small children and scar their minds), and also stopping by the Intersection of My Dreams. The Intersection of My Dreams is located at Clark and Diversey, and features a Chipotle, a Panera, a Jamba Juice, and a Coldstone Creamery. If there was a Flat Top Grill I think I'd move there. My new favorite at Coldstone is cake batter ice cream with bananas, caramel, and roasted almonds. I just heard there is a Coldstone in Plainfield now, so I have to get over there. That's about it for now. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday, so I don't know if I'll have many weekend stories as chipmunk cheeks and chronic pain don't lend themselves well to a night on the town, but we'll see. Adios!

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