Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rush, Rush

No, I haven't heard Paula Abdul's classic song (and awesomely bad video with Keanu Reeves) in quite a while, but it reminds me of my column this month, which is in the paper today. The title is actually very similar to the one I came up with, shocker!

Let's see. . .what's new? Early today I heard Journey's "Lights" and Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper" (aka More Cowbell!) in succesion on 100.7. Thank you, WRXQ, for adding some entertainment to my midday.

St. Patrick's Day was a lot of fun. We headed to Jameson's with the intention of checking it out and going to McBrody's if it was boring, but Jameson's provided enough entertainment for us to stay there all night. The green garb was plenty, but for some reason I saw no green beer (and they ran out of Guinness!). However, the crowd was a lot of fun and I ran into a lot of people I knew. The music was really fun, typical Heroes tunes, and people were actually dancing on the tiny stage. Courtney and I decided to get into the spirit of things and request the always amusing "F**k on Cocaine" song. However, the DJ emerged from the depths of his booth to inform us that he couldn't play any "dirty songs." I guess "Face Down, Ass Up" was also out of the question. Among the amusing guests of the evening were a lad, rumored to be employed by Lovers Lane, who was clad in a fuzzy green top hat. Lovers Lane Leprechaun, who was also losing his shirt at some point in the evening, was overheard to comment that his hat was from Versace and cost $700. I'm hoping I heard that wrong, because the hat looked more likely to be won in the Frog Bog at Great America. Good times all around.

Friday was fairly mellow, and Saturday evening a bunch of us went to Empress. I am not a lover of gambling; like many of my friends, I only do slot machines because I fear any games where you have to deal with a dealer and those that involve actual skill. However I do think it would be AWESOME if casinos had trivia games where you could win money, or at least skee-ball. Anyway, we had fun, I didn't win anything, but thanks, Empress, for providing free pop, at least I came out a winner where Orange Slice is concerned. People watching at Empress is always fun, Post-gambling we made a brief stop at Club Zanzibar to see a comedy show but left pretty quickly as the jokes didn't seem geared to our age group, and decided to (yet again) watch Napoleon Dynamite. This time we watched it with the commentary on, which I highly recommend. Trivia note: the woman who Uncle Rico goes off with at the end of the movie is Kip's wife in real life.

That's about it for now. I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago some news from reader Mary of Joliet, apparently she spotted clowns(!) in front of Carnival Foods. It just gets scarier. In country music news, I really haven't heard anything new lately, at least nothing that has amused me as much as "Drugs or Jesus." As a final note, check out this link that Melanie sent me, I was highly amused. More news later!

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