Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My friend Patrick and I were just having a discussion over email of the title song,the Backstreet Boys' latest. Yes, BSB is back, and I hope this will inspire NSYNC to get their asses in gear. Sorry, I miss the boy band days, they were ever so entertaining. Anyway, our collective decision on the latest BSB tune is that it's very dramatic and epic. With lines like, "I am swimming in an ocean all alone," and "Empty spaces fill me up with holes," it's clear that these are not the same boys of the "I Want It That Way" heyday. Could they be. . .Backstreet Men?

Let's see, recent stories. I linked to my latest column in the post below, other than that the H-N hasn't had anything too amusing lately. I was just having a discussion with one of my co-workers regarding Girl Scouts,and I would like to start a badge-getting program for adults. Obviously this is all a pipe dream, but Whiskey Tango badges would be fun. Examples: "Danced on a Bar" badge, "Been to Gippers" badge, "Conquered the Potato Mountain" badge, etc. If only I was a seamstress.

In social news, Wendy and I went out for a while last Thursday. We took a brief trip to Jameson's before heading over to Heroes, where I ran into my friend Phil and some of his Cemeno's pals. I heard a rumor I need to clarify: What's the deal with Heroes? Rumor has it it's closing for good, and one source told me that they'd be closing at the end of April. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I was really hoping they'd at least stay open through the summer. Otherwise, we're going to need a new summer bar, and I don't know if I can handle going to Samy's on a regular basis again. Anyway, Heroes was fun, we also met some firemen who, for unknown reasons, thought we were 19. This was very flattering, but I'm wondering how they thought 19 year-olds could get into a bar. After Heroes we ended the evening at Cemeno's, a very entertaining Thursday.

The weekend. . .Court and I saw Fever Pitch at, say it with me, Ghetto 8. I seriously hadn't been to see a movie since January, and of course the first movie I saw was at the Ocho. Anyway, it was an awesome movie, very cute, and we got a preview for a double dose of Will Ferrell flicks, very promising (at least the one where he plays a children's soccer coach looked promising. I don't know about the Bewitched remake). Post-movie we went to Sonny's Delite (as opposed to Sunny D), where a schnauzer kept eyeing my Cherry Dipped Cone like it was one of those Kong chew toys. Other than a sushi excursion for lunch on Saturday, where I saw Joe of Gnome Attic fame's picture on the wall of the restaurant, and a trip to my cousin's son's baseball game, the weekend was pretty dull as I spent the majority of it working on the big paper I had due on Monday. Oh, I did take a trip to Coldstone (or, as some may call it, "Stone Cold Creamery"), and I highly recommended Cake Batter Ice Cream with cherry pie filling and graham cracker crumbs. Note: they need some new songs for tipping. In a recent visit, we discussed this with the Coldstone employees and I suggested "Milkshake." Joe began singing, "My Sweet Cream brings all the boys to the yard" but quickly stopped himself.

I believe that's all I have for now, more news soon!

An Ode to Swollies

I'll update more later today or tomorrow, but I just wanted to post a link to my latest column. Enjoy. As usual, the title has nothing to do with me. My suggestion was "Joliet Fashion Police: Citizens on Patrol."

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