Tuesday, July 08, 2003

We Out

Hey y'all, I'm spending the week in Chicago, visiting my sister and going to a bachelorette party and wedding (Congratulations Janice and Rich!), so I probably won't update until next Monday. If you have any stories, feel free to post them under comments or on the tag board. A quick highlight from today's Open Line (we came back to Joliet to run some errands):

Have Some Decency
I'm calling in regards to a male and a female walking on Madison south early in the morning, 7 a.m. The male has shorts and tennis shoes on only, no shirt. The belly is hanging over. What's the matter-can't he afford a tank top? I think this is very disgusting.

I love the assumption that a tank top, rather than an actual shirt, would make everything better. One final note: we saw a billboard on the highway for a car wash called "The Wet Spot." Eeeww. I think that name brings more of a "not so fresh" feeling than a clean feeling to mind. Have a good week!

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