Thursday, November 11, 2004

99.9: Beauty or the Beast?

Just a quick radio note. I'm in the car, and a commercial for The OC comes on the radio. I leave it on because they're playing one of my favorite songs, "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers. I never listen to commercials, but I love this song so I made an exception. I flip the station to 99.9, and I hear the last note of a song. The radio announcer says, "That was Mr. Brightside by the Killers." I could have listened to the real version of the song, unfettered by Mischa Barton's "acting," but no. However, 99.9 did play Journey a few minutes later, so I felt a bit better. An addendum to yesterday's entry: the second song in the 88.7 tempting trio was not Oasis or Franz Ferdinand, but the old classic "All Over You" by Live. Our love is like wa-ter. . . Enjoy your Veteran's Day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I Want Candy

The aforementioned song is currently on the radio right now. Actually, I don't really want candy, I've had enough of it over the last few weeks, but I do still love peanut butter M & M's. Speaking of the radio, the other day I was really in the mood to listen to my Rooney CD, and when I turned on my car radio, 88.7 wooed me with 3 songs in a row. The first was an admittedly terrible (yet spellbinding) cover version of Imagine by some Staindlike band, the second, I can't remember, because it was a couple days ago, but I'm thinking it was either Oasis or Franz Ferdinand, and the third was the new Jimmy Eat World. At any rate, I was almost to my location by the time I finally wanted to put my CD in. Curse you 88.7 by tempting me with your alternative rock.

Ok, the usual Herald News plug-my column was in the paper on Friday. I don't usually go too political in my columns, but this is an issue that's near and dear to my heart. Speaking of politics, I'll miss you John Kerry, and your crazy ketchup wife. Tuesday was a sad, sad day, and not just because I had sludge disguised as Irish coffee at Jamison's.

Recent adventures. . .Halloween was fabulous as always. . .Among the interesting costumes spotted were Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Fred and Daphne, the Muffin Man, and a bar whore. Pictures may be forthcoming. Speaking of bar whores, later on in the evening, there was a girl spotted at Samy's who was literally wearing just a bra for the top of her costume. There's an awesome segment in Mean Girls about how Halloween is an excuse to skank it up, but that was going a bit to extremes. I also think I saw a guy dressed as a penis, fine family fun. The week before Halloween, Wendy, Melanie and I checked out the haunted house at the mall. Yes, there was a haunted house at the mall. It may have been neglected by some thrillseekers due to more spooky pursuits on Weber Road, but we were entranced by its location and budget price. Less entrancing were the EXTREMELY scary woman with the white contacts, the "hot dog burp" odor that emanated from the house, the neglect of personal space, and the fact that we may or may not have been groped by metal tubing. Another amusing fact: Wendy and I, unsure of the location of the house, parked near the Silver Cinemas Entrance. I had forgotten about the fun of hanging out at the mall when you're in high school, and there were many high school couples groping it up while waiting to see the budget film of their choice. T'was Sketch City, I tell you.

In terms of new haunts, Melanie and I finally made it over to Sapphire a couple weeks ago. We went on Friday, which evidently is not their big night, but it was really nice and definitely gave a "Dorothy, we're not in Joliet anymore" vibe. We were treated like rock stars for some reason and got free drinks and a tour of the VIP area and the DJ booth. I was surprised that the dance floor looks kind of small, but I assume it spills over into the rest of the club. I look forward to checking it out again on a busier night. Also on the haunt tip--a few weeks ago Shannon, Joe, and I went on a haunted bus tour of Chicago. We enjoyed ghost shaped cookies--pictures forthcoming? and learned little known facts,such as the fact that the St. Valentine's Massacre happened across the street from Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder.

I've only been out one Thursday lately, as last Thursday we had our first Samy's jaunt in a while. They have a new DJ who seems really good, though sadly she did not have the Lindsay Lohan tune. It's terrible, but so amusing. However, she did show her political leanings by playing "Megalomaniac," to which Wendy and I happily sang along. She also played a lot of older dance tunes that were fun to make up our own lyrics to about our favorite bar patrons. Wens, Nance, Kelly and I had a lot of fun on the dance floor making up our own choreography, but alas Amee, we didn't see you and your orange boa! Overall I saw less people I knew than usual, which makes me wonder if the Thursday night bar tide is shifting once again. It was packed, but with a lot of unknowns. Perhaps the new DJ advertised at Jamison's is drawing customers, we shall see.

I think that's about it for now--I am DEFINITELY going to update more frequently now that school's less crazy. Adios!

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