Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Don't Stop. . .Believing!

Title explanation: Day off from work= watching Journey: Behind the Music with my mom. Yes, I'm finally updating! I know it's been almost 4 months since my last post, but I'm finally updating again, and I'm going to try to post at least once or twice a week. I've had a ton of Whiskey Tango events in the last few months, and I'll post them as I remember them, along, of course, with any new and exciting things that may happen. My goal for today was to finally finish the Ohio story, but I have to find the little notebook I wrote down everything in first, and for those of you that have seen my closet in the past, you know that might take a while, but I'm hoping I can find it soon.

Herald News news: 1. What's with John Whiteside's hat? I don't feel that looking like Kermit the Frog is the best way to establish your journalistic reputation. 2. My new favorite Herald News writer is one of the Food reviewers, an older gentleman who rates his food on how much his dogs like it when he feeds them the leftovers.
In terms of Police Blotter, nothing too great this week, so far, but I have to say the Open Line is quickly tying with "Da Blotter" as my favorite part of the Herald. Check out this gem from today's paper:

We like it here
This is to the unknown person who was criticizing Joliet for the restaurants that they have. If someone is going to call unanimously, you shouldn't even print it. To that unknown jerk, we do have nice restaurants in the area, we have Al's, there's Syl's, there's Friday's, there's Lone Star, Applebee's, and so on. If we were all lawyers and doctors, yeah, we could afford to go to Naperville and Oak Brook for dinner all the time. We live where we can afford, and we do the best that we can. So Joliet, Crest Hill and surrounding communities are pretty good. Crest Hill

"If someone is going to call unanimously?" Last I heard, unanimous does not equal anonymous. And I'm sorry, but Friday's, Lone Star, and Applebee's, while decent restaurants, are chain restaurants and do not necessarily equal nice restaurants in my book. If you're going to list the GOOD restaurants in the J-town region, at least mention the Truck Stop: Potato Mountains and service with a (sometimes toothless) smile.

Recent bar stories: I have to say, I'm still mourning the loss of Tuckaway. Though it kind of sucked once they stopped having bands, it was a lot of fun for the most part and many classic stories happened there. I'm not a big fan of Glory Days; it's a neat looking place, but they don't have bands or decent music, and though it's big, it seems really cramped around the bar. Heroes is still entertaining, I went there for a first time on a Saturday this week to see the Dave Matthews cover band Crash and there were quite a lot of people there; Chuckie informed me that this is not typical of a Heroes Saturday. Another enjoyable cover band we saw at Heroes in December was Evolution, a U2 cover band with a lead singer who looked remarkably like Bono while wearing sunglasses. However, he was much smaller than Bono, and the resemblance ended when he took off the shades, leading Shannon and I to nickname him "Non-o."As for Grapevine, recent events occurring there included meeting a man named Corliss (not Cordless, though he did not have a tail) who mistook me for an employee of Lone Star (yes, I can line dance, but the similarities end there), seeing a woman dressed in overalls with one strap unbuckled, Jordan Knight style ( I know both straps are buckled in this picture, but it's so funny). For another laugh, check out Donnie's pants in this picture. Do I have x-ray vision? Back to the Grapevine: in early December, Nancy, Megan and I spied a man wearing fuzzy cowprint pants (no, no farmer tried to hit on him) and also encountered an itchin' to fight Sexual Chocolate (can't remember if I've mentioned him before, he's a regular karaoke crooner at the Grapevine) who would have started something had it not been for the fact that blood is hard to get out of suede fabric.

What else has been new? I've met some various local celebrities through work, including Stedman Graham, Robin Robinson, and, my personal favorite, Mrs. Peter Francis Geraci (never got to meet the PFG, alas). Speaking of local celebrities, Express girl is back in action at the Louis Joliet Mall, and managed to accost me three times ("No, thanks, I'm JUST LOOKING.") during my visit on Saturday.

I'm probably going out for a bit tonight, so if I have any good stories I'll be sure to update ASAP. I also am curious about the latest person to leave a message on my website. Zeus? Who are you? Did you play football for JCA? Are you going to hit me with big lightning bolts? Have you recently been involved in a big fat Greek wedding? Write back and let us know.

One final note: Go see Old School-one of the funniest movies ever. Also, somehow when updating this page I managed to accidentally get rid of the link to the archives, but I'll hopefully figure out how to fix that soon. Ta-ta for now!

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