Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Wonders of Wisconsin

What's shaking? I'm back from Dairyland,and a fun trip it was. First, I'll explain the audio post from a couple days back. My friend Joe's band, Gnome Attic, played at Samy's last Wednesday, and it was an excellent show. I especially liked their cover of Smashing Pumpkins' "Cherub Rock." Ever since I was able to put audio posts on the website, I always thought if I ever met a celebrity, I would make them put an audio post on the website. I haven't met any celebrities lately, but Joe's band is awesome, so it's the next best thing.

Wisconsin was a lot of fun. I knew we were nearing our cabin when I started hearing commercials on the radio for Ashley going to church camp and getting saved. Highlights of the trip included a trip to Montello, Wisconsin's First Annual "Taste of Montello." My brother and I went to check this out, expecting to find some cheese curds and/or lemon shakeups and other "Carnival Foods," but when we got there, we found some senior citizens in patriotic gear, a band in the process of setting up, and a lot of empty benches. We left and got ice cream. My neighbors had some really great fireworks on the 4th, reminiscent of the ones at Inwood but legal for people to buy in Wisconsin. You know how when you're a little kid, you think the fireworks are coming directly at you? This time, the fireworks WERE actually coming at me, as our neighbors were setting them off almost directly overhead. I was entertained as usual by our local Marquette County newspaper, which not only featured headlines with exclamation points ("Tornado!"), but also neglected to have bylines by the majority of the stories. Maybe no one wanted to claim ownership to the assortment of typos and oddly formed sentences.

I'm trying to remember if anything else interesting happened before I left for Wisconsin. . .the Jungle Juice and Pineapple Upside Down Cake drinks at Samy's do not come recommmended, in fact, if someone offers you the Jungle Juice, it might be best to run. I think that's about it for now, I know this is short but I should have more stories tomorrow or Friday. Adios!

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