Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Gettin' Busy

Sorry I haven't been updating as much lately, I've just been very busy with school. I'm not used to having homework! However, you will still be getting at least one update a week, more if I have time. JJC story of the week: I'm in my Poli Sci class, and the professor asks someone to define federalism. A student answers that it divides power between state and federal governments. I overhear a fellow student ask his friend, "Did she just say Satan?" The friend answered that he didn't think so. Satan boy became quiet again. I was able to stifle my laughter.

In other news, I really haven't seen much in the Herald News lately. This weather brings an aura of boredom to the J-town area, unfortunately. However, I did see another winner in the Best Bumper Sticker ever contest: at Fox Valley, a car (which also had a Joliet Steelmen sticker, so appropriately it was from J-town) had a sticker reading, "I'd rather be at a Rick Springfield concert." Perhaps the driver also wished that he had Jesse's Girl. While trying to answer his own question of, "Where can I find a woman like that?" he ventured out to Fox Valley to check out their women.

In social news. . .didn't go out on Thursday due to the extreme cold. Yes, it can happen. However, Saturday we went to Samy's. I realize that my friends and I are getting into quite the Samy's spiral, but when it's this cold the desire to head to other towns is quite low, and Samy's is the only dependable place in J-town for a good Saturday. Also, there's no cover for ladies. DJ Eddie C/Z was in charge of tunes, and though he did play a lot of good stuff (and even played Toxic twice when I asked), he made some other "interesting choices" such as "Here Comes the Hotstepper" and a slow song, "If I Ever Fall In Love" by Shai. The second song made me feel like I was back in 8th grade, trying to decide which swing choir boy I was going to make one of my friends ask if he'd slow dance with me. I'm really not a big fan of slow songs at bars, as they tend to make couples that are originally only simulating sex on the dance floor begin to engage in sex on the dance floor. Again, no JLH, much to the disappointment of myself and also Legal Larry. JLH, come back! Soon people will think I made you up! Another amusing episode involved "Hot for Teacher" guy from last week getting kicked out of the bar. We saw him getting bounced and amused, asked the security guards the situation. Apparently this was the third night in a row that "Hot for Teacher" had been bounced, it was becoming a habit. However, "H for T" must have thwarted the staff as about fifteen minutes later, we saw him in the bar again. Like clockwork, he was bounced for the second time in one night.

Trying again to solve the mystery of the blue drink, I thought I solved it at the beginning of the evening when I ordered a Blue Angel and got a drink that tasted like the magical blue drink. However, later on when someone else tried to order the drink, they were informed that it wasn't called a Blue Angel. I think it's all a conspiracy to drive me insane. However, I've been told that the Blue Drink should carry a disclaimer: "Warning: May Cause Falling," as other patrons who tried the Blue Drink ended up spending some time on the floor. However, since I had the drink and didn't fall on my ass (or anything else), and I noticed a lot of people falling over that night (including two girls on the dance floor whose girl-on-girl dancing "grinded" to a halt when they fell on top of each other and had to have a bouncer split them up) who were not with blue drink, I'm thinking maybe the floors were just extra slippery on Saturday. Other interesting events of the night: having a discussion of "Park Lane" jewelry in the bathroom, offering to "back up" a paranoid woman in the bathroom who was afraid other women in the bathroom were talking about her (they were talking about a guy in red and since this woman was wearing a red top, she thought they were talking about her), a guy who introduced himself to me and told me that he was a plumber, "but without the ass crack hanging out," learning that some people refer to cologne as "smellies," and taking my first trip to the White Castle drive-through (I kept up my lifelong White Castle fast, but my car briefly smelled like White Castle and I thought I might cry.

Haven't been up to much else besides homework, but I did watch the Golden Globes on Saturday and enjoyed an unexpected surprise: a whole lot of Journey. When Charlize Theron won her award, they played "Don't Stop Believin' " as she walked up to the podium, and among the people that she thanked was Journey's former lead singer (and recent birthday boy) Steve Perry. I did a little research, and apparently "Don't Stop Believin'" is used in a "pivotal" scene in her movie, "Monster,"and Steve Perry let the creators of the movie use the song without paying a huge amount of money. Steve Perry is benevolent AND talented, who knew. Though I still don't have much of a desire to see this movie (besides the fact that we are more likely to get "The Butterfly Effect" on 3 screens at Movies 10 or 8 than a low-budget art film), I am always happy for the use of Journey. That's all the news that's fit to print, adios!

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