Sunday, March 02, 2003

Baby, Baby, Baby. . .

I just got back from seeing the JJC performance of the musical "Baby," a musical I'd never heard of before attending and hope to never hear of again. My brother is taking some classes at JJC, and has to attend school sponsored events for credit in one of his classes, so when I saw in the beloved Herald News that a musical was coming up that featured former stars of the Joliet Catholic stage (Sarah L., though she unfortunately only had a small role), I convinced him to go to this with me. Unfortunately, it was damn cheesy. The most disturbing segment was when a man sang "Baby, baby baby. . ." to his pregnant wife's stomach.

The Herald News has had a couple good items in Da Blotter this week:

Fake deer stolen
JOLIET — A man returned from a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon to find someone had knocked a hole in his house and stolen the fake deer at which he shoots arrows.
The theft of the three-dimensional archery target deer occurred between 8 p.m. Sunday and 3 p.m. Monday.
The owner of the deer told police he returned to his Labrecque Drive residence and first discovered a large hole in the side of his house. He then learned the deer was missing.
The man told police he was targeted by vandals in the week preceding the theft of his deer. A window was broken in the earlier attack, police said
I wonder what room in the house you'd put a "three-dimensional archery target deer," and if it's anything like those reindeer people have in their yards at Christmastime (or in this area, until March or April). As a side note, a few years ago the guy who used to cut my hair's son and his friend were arrested for putting those reindeer in sexual positions on people's lawns.

Man safe after hammer attack
JOLIET — A man traveling in a car Wednesday night on Collins Street reportedly was attacked in traffic by a hammer-wielding man.
The man told police the car he was a passenger in was heading south on Collins near Woodruff Road about 5:30 p.m. when a maroon Oldsmobile Cutlass pulled up alongside.
A man emerged from the Cutlass and brandished a hammer. He then tried to hit the man in the passenger seat.
The man escaped the attack without injury. He reportedly told police he did not know why he was targeted by the man with the hammer.

I wonder if it was one of the Hammer Brothers from Super Mario Bros.

Here are some highlights from the rest of the week:
Tuesday night: Late dinner at Senor Tequila's with Shanny, Joe, and Megan W. At one point an African-American man walked by, and the employees of Senor Tequila greeted him with high-fives, saying, "Hey, Old School!" Joe decided that he wished to be addressed as "Old School" from then on.
Thursday night: Heroes with Melanie, Nancy, Megan, Kelly, Wens, etc. It was the first (and hopefully last) time we'd heard the expression "Butt like a tiger's smile" (for more buttwords, check out Kelly's website. Nothing too much else exciting happened except for a guy who asked Nancy and I if we were married. I responded, "Not to each other." He then asked if we were "like that." We said no, and he asked if we "liked men." We said yes and quickly made an exit.
Friday: After work, I bought the 2 CD as seen on TV set of Journey's Greatest Hits, "Essential Journey." For me, the most essential Journey is my personal favorite, "When the lights go down, in the cit-tay. . ." Mel and Jake came down from Lisle to bar hop in J-town, but overall the nightlife was slow on Friday. The video screen with pictures of Grapevine Goers was back up, and, due to a computer error, was frozen for a lengthy period of time on an extreme closeup of Sexual Chocolate in a red suit.
Saturday night: Kelly's surprise birthday party was a lot of fun. We started out at Dave & Busters, and while I chose tp purchasea train whistle and some stickers that said, "Big Time Fun" with my prize tickets, Melanie considered many items before decided on a pencil that blew bubbles, commenting, "When I'm bored, I can blow!" Afterward we went to Boogie Nights in Schaumburg. We had a great time dancing, (I was especially happy to hear some Technotronic) though overall the clientele was a little older than we had expected. One "Golden Oldie" asked me to dance, and after I declined, offered me his ATM receipt as a "souvenir."
That's all the news that's fit to print for now, I'm going to try to find the Ohio Journal ASAP so I can finish the tales of that trip so long ago. A preview: cavemen, wooly mammoths, and "Aaaah rats!"

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