Thursday, October 16, 2003

Everywhere You Look. . .

Since I'm too cranky from the Cubs loss (note: check this out, I want the one in the middle) to write, I thought I'd put up another quiz. This one is awesome. I'm ok with the results, though I don't think I'd ever almost exercise myself to death on a treadmill. Post your results under comments.

You're D.J.! MAN! You are so cool. Sometimes you
suffer from bouts of self doubt, but, you're a
lot cooler than your friend, Kimmy.

Which "Full House" Character Are You?
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Man I love that song. I may need to buy the Outkast double disc. Speaking of Polaroids, I lovingly recall the Polaroid "Cool Cam" I got in fourth grade. It was pink and gray and came with matching pink sunglasses and little caption stickers to put on the pictures. One of the stickers read, "It's Love," and I used that sticker on the picture my friend took of my fourth grade crush and I on Valentine's Day. Note on the crush, not naming names, but I think he had a mullet at the time. Megan, you may remember him from the post-Heroes hot tub trip last December. Shannon, you may recall him by watching Jurassic Park. I found most of the pictures from that camera the other day and they're damn hilarious. I really should find a way to put pictures on this website, but anyway. . .

Thursday night Wens, Nance, Megan and I had a girls' night out at Heroes. It was a great time. I wore my Joe Mama shirt again and encountered many people yelling Joe and/or Mama at me, including randoms in the parking lot who beckoned us to their cars. We had fun with a curly haired baseball player named Joe who I discussed swapping shirts with, but no swap took place. We also encountered a girl we nicknamed Old Yeller, due to not only her all yellow, all the time Aeropostale jogging suit, but also the extremely loud volume at which she "spoke." Other pals included high school classmate Tom and his friends, among which was Chad, a dead ringer for Ian "Steve Sanders" Ziering of 90210 fame. Much dancing fun was had, the Ass Trilogy was back in effect, and I learned that Coors Light really doesn't taste too different from Miller Light. An awesome time.

The weekend consisted mostly of shopping and Cubs. Not shopping for Cubs though. Friday night I stayed in and watched the Cubbies beat Florida, including their fugly catcher Pudge Rodriguez (note: Jill on the Brooke and Jill Show on the Zone said that he's cute. Jill, take off the Blu-Blockers and put on some spectacles, it ain't the case). I also taught my mom the meaning of the word "fugly." I have to say that the Cubs definitely have the upper hand when it comes to attractive players; I love Alex Gonzalez, and Farnsworth is hot as long as he's not in mouth breather mode.

Saturday afternoon I ate lunch with Melanie at Jenny's Cafe at the new library on Black Road. I had their grilled cheese panini, which was similar to the "Adult Grilled Cheese" at Chompers and very yummy. However, it did not hold a candle to the world's best panini in Dublin. Some day (I promise), I will write about Ireland and tell you about the panini and other wacky Irish tales. We checked out the site of her new townhome, then went shopping at Kohl's and Discovery (aka Can't Try Before You Buy, Suckers!). After that I went to Woodfield with Courtney and Rob. The sheer volume of that mall sends my pulse racing, it is so awesome. I love any mall that has a Hollister (aka the Old Navy version of Abercrombie). Crazy mall adventures included passing a store called LoveSac (Love, baby, that's where it's at. . .), walking into a Chicago memorabilia store that smelled like a hotel pool, and walking by a group of three guys: one did nothing out of the ordinary, another did a tumbling move onto a mall bench, and a third drank from a 2 liter of Coke. When I got home I watched Justin Timberlake on SNL and an episode of Cheaters. Apparently Joey Grand is doing OK; according to Courtney, in the previous episode he thanked everyone for their support during his recovery. This episode included a confrontation at a gas station; the man the woman was cheating with was smoking a cigarette, and "P.I.M.P" was blaring out of one of the cars.

Sunday Megan, Courtney, Rob, Melanie and I went to Glory Days to cheer on the Cubs. Unfortunately our show of support did little to help the team, so they best be winning tonight. I have to go eat before the game, so that's all for now. Go Cubs go!

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